Dr. Pooja is an accomplished individual with almost two decades of experience in imparting education and making significant contributions in the field of Computer Science and Engineering. With a strong background in education, she has dedicated her career to sharing knowledge and inspiring others through her expertise. She has delivered numerous hands-on training sessions to students/learners/industry personnel on Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning using Python. Furthermore, she has worked with NITTTR, Chandigarh, towards the co-creation and delivery of courses for the national online education portal “Swayam portal” (NPTEL) on “Smart grid analytics” implementing a “Machine Learning module.”

Throughout her professional journey, she has published over 90 publications, which include national and international journal/conference papers and book chapters, including IEEE, Springer conferences, and Scopus Indexed Journals. The extensive body of work reflects their commitment to advancing knowledge and making valuable contributions to the field of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Her expertise and insights have likely been sought after by peers, students, and fellow researchers alike.