Andrei Tazetdinov, is a highly experienced software engineer with over 16 years of experience in the industry. Currently working at IBM IX as a Senior Frontend Developer and Technical Architect, Andrei Tazetdinov has a passion for creating innovative and user-friendly applications using cutting-edge technology.

Throughout Andrei Tazetdinov’s career, he has worked on numerous projects across various industries, ranging from healthcare to finance. Their experience has given them a deep understanding of the software development process, from ideation to deployment.

In addition to his professional work, Andrei Tazetdinov is also passionate about sharing their knowledge with others. He was a teacher at Samsung Coding School for several years and worked with teenagers to guide them and create their very first Android applications using Java.

With this book, Andrei Tazetdinov hopes to help aspiring developers and experienced professionals alike to become proficient in building full-stack applications using NextJS. His wealth of knowledge and experience in the field makes him the perfect guide for anyone looking to start or advance their career as a full-stack developer.

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