Arijit Mallick is an educationist and entrepreneur with more than a decade’s experience in designing and delivering technology training programmes through his company Lydnow Edutech Pvt Ltd. He strongly believes in early age adoption of tech skills for the current generation of students. Arijit likes to integrate and promote powerful ideas of ‘first principles thinking’ through the experiences within his endeavors in the learning and development industry.

Abhay B. Joshi is a freelance teacher, and his area of interest has been “teaching Computer Programming as a medium for learning." He has been teaching Snap, Python, and Scratch regularly to middle and high school students. Abhay has been associated with the Software Industry since 1988 as a developer, entrepreneur, coach, and adviser. After getting an MS in Computer Engineering from Syracuse University (USA), he worked as a programmer for product companies that developed secure operating systems and network protocols. Later, Abhay co-founded Disha Technologies, a successful software services organization.