Cliff Sharif (aka Emperor Katax) is programmer and digital artist. His first touch to digital content was with Commodore 64 and Amiga 500. He practiced early steps of programming multimedia and real-time application with these platforms and also touched first edges of digital art belongs to that era. Then he began his carrier with programming and digital art in 1998, by using Windows 98.

Cliff was an Unreal Tournament pro gamer and was involved with WCG international tournaments as team organizer back in 2004. Then after publishing his first book “Unreal Engine Physics Essentials”, he switched his main carrier on develop application with Unreal Engine. He was involved in develop, manage and design industry standard applications of Virtual Reality, Architectural Visualizations, Real-time midi-controlled visuals, and recently Virtual Production by using Unreal Engine with Blueprint and C++. He certified as “Unreal Authorized Instructor – UAI” by Epic Games in 2020 and after that his main focus went for teaching game programming and design with Unreal Engine to students around the world.

Mitchell Lynn is a programmer who has been playing videogames since before he could walk, he started out playing classics like DOOM and Quake on his Grandfather’s old hardware, and has continued playing through every gaming generation since. This experience has been extremely helpful to his progression and capability as a programmer.

After completing secondary education, Mitch decided to enter into the industry of creating the games that had occupied so much of his life. After a couple of years studying under Cliff to become a competent programmer, he entered the industry working on Virtual Reality simulation software, and then started developing games, both of which using Unreal Engine. He specializes in data management-based programming, and is always happy to assist those interested in becoming a programmer themselves.