Sachin Kapale is an IT executive architect and the biggest proponent of DevSecOps. He works with CxO level group to define the future technology strategies for organizations. His recent achievements are reducing infrastructure costs in the cloud by 15%. He has architected the strategy for migration of the NY state of health from on-premises to public cloud migration successfully using Immutable infrastructure.

He works as an enterprise-level IT Executive to establish strategic architectural plans and objectives across all the US Health & Human Services for MAXIMUS for close to 70+ Projects. He has more than two decades of experience providing architectural consultation to fortune 500 clients of IBM in multiple geographic areas. Currently, he also defines technical strategies to facilitate operational business needs. He holds 12 Industry professional certifications in various areas. He is a regular technical blog writer( and an avid reader. He regularly writes on Medium(Kapalesachin – Medium). He likes to give back to society and provides free courses to multiple educational series in various areas on Udemy(, which benefitted more than 10000 students across the world. He believes in spreading knowledge. He regularly speaks at various conferences and was recently offered an advisory board-level position at Ithaca College.

He provides direction on implementing feasible, cost-effective solutions to the overall system architecture and design to meet these needs. Also, Sachin works closely with Health Services Operations management and staff, Operations Systems' technical engineers, and process engineers to provide guidance and ensure good design for meeting Health Services' business objectives and strategy. He also serves as the key technical point of contact in developing technical solutions in response to Requests For Proposals, Change Requests, and business needs. Sachin also reviews federal, state, and company policies to determine system functionality, design, and operation applicability. He also develops strategies to fulfill requirements and assess the effectiveness of implementation. He also collaborates and coordinates with appropriate internal and external groups to ensure the confidentiality and security of all corporate information.

His expertise is in designing microservices-based architecture in cloud-based environments.

Working as a success serves as a critical point of contact for designing complex information technology solutions. He has technical papers presentations on Web 2.0.

Sachin designed a system that provided New York's 20 million population to subscribe to NYSOH's plan an alternative way to apply using Mobile App.

His current passion is using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning in the healthcare call center business and back-office area to improve Customer/Citizen experience.