Nisarg Vasavada  is an Engineer, Academician, and an Entrepreneur. Having pursued his Masters in Embedded System Design, he has spent his years working on IoT, Cloud Computing, and DevOps and has made his contributions in research, publishing, and teaching by continuously adapting and re-innovating cutting edge e-learning practices. During this journey, Docker and Kubernetes have remained closest to his heart and his fingertips!

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Dhwani Sametriya: As an Engineer or as a Businesswoman, Dhwani is all about achieving and sustaining precision and perfection. Her Engineering Post Graduation in VLSI has empowered her to project efficiency through micro-modularity and to view DevOps from a unique Deepstack perspective. Being a Docker Certified Associate, she has reflected her expertise in the field of containers through the video content as a producer.

Together, their start-up Cerulean Canvas has served over 70000 students through Video Courses. This book is their attempt to make the readers appreciate containers as much as they do.

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