Dr. Jagreet Kaur is a doctorate in computer science and engineering. Her topic of the thesis was “ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE BASED ANALYTICAL PLATFORM FOR PREDICTIVE ANALYSIS IN HEALTH CARE.” With more than 12 years of experience in academics and research, she is working in data wrangling, machine learning and deep
learning algorithms on large datasets, real-time data often in production environments for data science solutions and data products to get actionable insights for the last four years. She also possesses ten international publications and five national publications under her name. Her skill set includes data engineering skills (Hadoop, Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, Cassandra, Hive, Flume, Scoop, and Elasticsearch), programming skills (Python, Angularjs, D3.js, Machine Learning, and R), data science skills (Statistics, Machine Learning, NLP, NLTK, Artificial Intelligence, R, Python, Pandas, Sklearn, Hadoop, SQL, Statistical Modeling, Data Munging, Decision Science, Machine Learning, Graph Analysis, Text Mining and Optimization, and Web Scraping, Deep learning packages:- Theano, Keras, Tensorflow, Pytorch, Julia) and Algorithms Specialization (Regression Algorithms: Linear Regression, Random Forest Regressor, XGBoost, SVR, Ridge Regression, Lasso Regression, Neural Networks Classification Algorithms: Decision Trees, Random Forest Classifier, Support Vector Machines(SVM), Logistic Regression, KNN Classifier, Neural Network, Clustering Algorithms: K-Means, DBSCAN, Deep Learning Algorithms: Simple RNN, LSTM Network, GRU). Currently, she works as a Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Chief Data Scientist in Xenonstack. Under her Guidance, more than 400 projects are already developed and productionized which also includes more than 200 AI and data science projects. 

Navdeep Singh Gill is a technology and solution architect having more than 15 years of experience in the IT and Telecom industry. For the past six years, he is working in big data analytics, automation and advanced analytics using machine learning and deep learning for planning and architecting of data science solutions and data products. He’s also working in 3 As (Analytics, Automation, and AI), more focused on writing software for building data lake, analytics platform, NoSQL deployments, data migration, data modeling tasks, ML/DL on real-time data often in production environments. He started his career with HFCL Infotel as a network engineer for managing the technical network of Broadband Customers with Linux servers and Cisco routers. He also worked in Ericsson, where he handled the synchronization plan and implementation for synchronization of Microwave Network and Media Gateway, MSS, and Core Network. SSU Implementation Planning and Optimization with respect to IP RAN, Mobile Backhaul Solution- Optimization of Existing Microwave Network to Ethernet, Microwave Hybrid Solution, Convergence to all IP, SIU Implementation for conversion to IP of Existing BTS, GB over IP. His area of expertise includes Hadoop, Openstack, DevOps, Kubernetes, Dockers, Amazon web services, Apache Spark, Apache Storm, Apache Kafka, Hbase, Solr, Apache Link. Nutch, Mapreduce, Pig, Hive, Flume, Scoop, ElasticSearch, and programming expertise includes Python, Angular.js, and Node.js.