Sonal Raj is an engineer, mathematician, data scientist, and Python evangelist from India, who has carved a niche in the financial services domain. He is a Goldman Sachs and D.E. Shaw alumnus who currently heads the data analytics and research efforts for a high-frequency trading firm.

He holds a dual master’s degree in Computer Science and Business Management and is a former research fellow of the Indian Institute of Science. His areas of research range from image processing, real-time graph computations to electronic trading algorithms and data science. He is a doctoral candidate at the Swiss School of Business Management, Geneva. Over the years, he has implemented low latency platforms, trading strategies, and market signal models. With more than a decade of hands-on experience, he is a community speaker and a Python and data science mentor to newcomers in the field.

When not engrossed in reading fiction or playing symphonies on the piano, he spends far too much time watching rockets lift off.

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