Rajiv Srivastava is the founder of cloudificationzone.com, which is a cloud native modern application tech blog site. He is a cloud solution architect and modern application specialist with 16+ years of work experience in software development and architectural design.

He is also a blogger, author, and passionate technologist. He holds strong insight into the latest stack technologies, including Cloud, on-prem, GCP, AWS, modern applications, microservices. He is an expert in enterprise architecture, application modernization, cloud migration, Kubernetes container platform, VMware Tanzu, cloud native practices, agile development, event-driven, modern databases, serverless architecture, search engine, API Gateway, Service Mesh, CI/CD, containerization and other open sources. 

He is a AWS certified Solution Architect (Associate), Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) and Sun (Oracle) Certified Java Professional (SCJP).

Blog links: https://cloudificationzone.com/

LinkedIn Profile: Rajiv Srivastav