Sunil Patel has completed his master’s in Information Technology from the Indian Institute of Information technology-Allahabad with a thesis focused on investigating 3D protein-protein interactions with deep learning. Sunil has worked with TCS Innovation Labs, Excelra, and Innoplexus before joining to Nvidia. The main areas of research were using Deep Learning, Natural language processing in Banking, and healthcare domain. 

Sunil started experimenting with deep learning by implanting the basic layer used in pipelines and then developing complex pipelines for a real-life problem. Apart from this, Sunil has also participated in CASP-2014 in collaboration with SCFBIO-IIT Delhi to efficiently predict possible Protein multimer formation and its impact on diseases using Deep Learning. Currently, Sunil works with Nvidia as Data Scientist – III. In Nvidia, Sunil has expanded the area of interest to computer vision and simulated environments.  At Nvidia, Sunil extensively works in area Banking, defense, and healthcare verticals.  The one area where Sunil is currently focused on is using GPUs for high fidelity physics simulation. Sunil has 3 pending US patents and 2 Publications in the domain of Deep Learning.

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