Ahidjo Ayeva is a computer scientist based in Hamburg (Germany). He has got several years of experience in the development of software applications as a Full-stack developer in Java and Python. His interests focus on data analysis, process automation, and IoT. Since June 2018, he is also qualified as an SAP Business Intelligence consultant.

Your LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ahidjo-a-070baa179 

Kamon Ayeva is a Python Developer / DevOps Engineer based in France. He has been working with Open Source tools from the Python world and beyond for projects he has been involved with since 2000, mainly web development frameworks such as Zope, Plone CMS, Django, and Flask, and Data Analytics tools. Via his company, Content Gardening Studio, he spends most of his time helping projects, using Python.

Your Blog links: https://medium.com/@contentgardeningstudio

Your LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kamon-ayeva/

Aiman Saed is a Computer Science graduate working full time as a developer. He has a keen interest in nascent technologies and loves to write blogs and talk about its use cases. He thinks anyone and everyone must know how a program works and wants to spread the knowledge he explores to the community. He wrote his first line of code in his early teen, and he believes he should've started much earlier.