Soft Skills 3rd Edition

Prashant Sharma

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ISBN: 9789391392093
eISBN: 9789391392178
Authors: Prashant Sharma
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: October 2021
Pages: 274
Dimension: 6*9 Inches
Book Type: Paperback

Essential guide to set your path to great success


The book is like a GPS for the reader, where they are able to visualize the quickest ways to reach their desired goals.

  • Experts Quotes
  • Learning Milestones
  • Learning Mastery: The Essentials of the topic
  • Case In Point: Real World examples for application of the concepts
  • Illustrations and Graphics
  • Knowledge Check
  • Case Studies
  • Applied Knowledge based on the Case Studies
  • Business Jargon and startup terminologies
  • English Vocabulary Building  


  • Is it Possible to get High-Impact Online or Physical Communication skills and Soft Skills in a very short period? 
  • Is there a way to build executive presence to get promotion, sales and visibility for your efforts from your leaders, recruiters and clients?
  • Can you develop mental strength, motivation & confidence to approach your lives with a positive mental attitude? 
  • Can you increase your sales or income in a very short time by adopting easy and basic changes in your life?
  • Do you want to learn from a corporate expert's 20+ years experience, so that you can avoid costly and time consuming mistakes and make the right decisions?

Yes, through this book you can do all the above and more!

Welcome to the ultimate guide to unleashing your potential. This book aims to impart high-impact soft skills like executive presence, time management, public speaking, first impression, professionalism, etiquette, negotiation, job interview, group discussion, leadership, teamwork, communication, creativity, interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, and much more. 

In a post Covid world, building a strong Online Presence has become a necessity. Whereas online meetings used to be optional, it is the norm now. A new chapter on Online Presence has been added to give the reader a competitive advantage in this new Virtual online space.

A Good professional needs to have strong Language skills. Recognizing this need, the book has a section in every chapter that highlights important words and Business phrases used in the corporate industry along with their meanings.

Hacks used for speed learning:

Experts quotes | learning milestones | learning mastery: the essentials of the topic | case in point: real world examples for application of the concepts | illustrations and graphics | knowledge check | case studies | applied knowledge based on the case studies | business jargon and Start-up terminologies | English vocabulary building 

Here are a few questions our readers have asked the author.

  1. I am very strong technically. Why must I learn soft skills?

There is a popular saying: The first Impression is the last Impression. A good first impression that creates lifelong relationships is created through effective habits and an ability to say the right thing at the right time to the right person. To manage teams, to have good relationships with your bosses and leaders, to get the job and promotion of your dreams, it is important that we learn how to get soft skills. 

Formal education and technical certifications are not enough. Our technical experience is insufficient. That's where soft skills are important. Technical skills get you through the door, but soft skills help you progress upwards from floor to floor till you reach the corner office!  

  1. There are so many soft skills books already. What makes this one different?

There are 3 main reasons why you should read this book:

  • I have almost 20 years of Corporate, Business and Training experience. Starting my career as an Assistant manager with the Taj Hotels, I have experience as a founder of 3 start ups and over 15 years as a Life, Business and Executive Coach. The format of this book is entirely based on case studies experienced by me by interacting with thousands of clients and training sessions. 
  • Neuroscience is a very hot field right now with lots of applications in business. For the first time, I have shared new experiences and ideas on 'How to Promote Yourself' by using applied Neuroscience. I have shared how Neuromarketing helps you to handle difficult people, establish rapport and relationships and become expert people managers.
  • This book highlights frequently committed mistakes by others, and suggests ways to avoid these. Life changing frameworks are showcased through case studies and examples. These help you to apply these easy methods immediately in your lives and most importantly become part of your basic nature. 
  1. What can I expect after reading this book?

The book is like a GPS for the readers, who want to explore the quickest ways to reach their desired goals. There is no boring theory, no wasted time! 

It provides professionals who don’t have a background on sales to effectively `sell’ their skills. The reader learns how to `package 'their verbal and non-verbal communication to influence others. 

Short bite-sized business storytelling has been used to keep the reader interested and energized and motivated to apply these skills in their own life. 

Building a strong Online Presence can make the crucial difference between cracking that interview, influencing unsure clients positively and making the best impression on key stakeholders. This book imparts easy hacks to becoming an online champion. 

  1. Any other tips for getting the maximum benefit from this book?

I will encourage the reader to read a few pages at a time, then try to apply the solutions and come back and fine-tune their approach by reading a few more pages. Read this book over the course of 6-8 weeks for optimal results. 

To develop these skills, the reader should read about a chapter and guidelines on how to exhibit new behaviour without feeling shy or conscious. Once the reader begins to exhibit appropriate behaviour in all situations: personal and professional then sustained behavior becomes a habit. This then becomes part of the reader’s basic nature. 


The book aims to provide the reader with a practical understanding of corporate and business life. It has been written by an experienced coach and industry professional with a real-world corporate perspective.


The book imparts proven coaching techniques and takes the reader on a journey towards exceptional leadership and management. Book helps the reader to apply it immediately in their lives and keep for life.

  1. Soft Skills: An Overview
  2. Emotional Intelligence
  3. Self-Image Management
  4. Team Building and Cooperation Teamwork, Conflict Management, Negotiation Skills
  5. Time Management and Goal Setting
  6. Communication Skills
  7. Verbal Communication- Part 1
  8. Verbal Communication - Part 2
  9. Non-Verbal Communication
  10. Building Online Presence
  11. Level 2: Career
  12. Level 3: Courtesy & Habits Guide To Correct Etiquette, Grooming & Hygiene
  13. Resume Writing & Job Applications
  14. Group Discussions
  15. Personal Interview and Interactions
  16. The Art of Promoting Yourself


Leadership & Business Coach, Prashant Sharma, popularly known as Coach Prashant, Master Soft Skills Facilitator and Behavioral Trainer, Ed-Tech Entrepreneur

Conducted his first training program in 1996 when he was invited by the New Delhi YMCA to lead a course in Public Speaking & Effective Communication. The Times of India too has recognized this achievement.

Prashant has extensive expertise in mentoring leaders, inspiring professionals and has helped thousands of professionals and students their true potential.

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