Mastering Cloud-Native Microservices

Chetan Walia

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Authors: Chetan Walia
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Publishing Date: 14th Jun 2023
Pages: 348
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Microservices-based cloud-native applications are software applications that combine the architectural principles of microservices with the advantages of cloud-native infrastructure and services. If you want to build scalable, resilient, and agile software solutions that can adapt to the dynamic needs of the modern digital landscape, then this book is for you.

This comprehensive guide explores the world of cloud-native microservices and their impact on modern application design. The book covers fundamental principles, adoption frameworks, design patterns, and communication strategies specific to microservices. It then emphasizes on the benefits of scalability, fault tolerance, and resource utilization. Furthermore, the book also addresses event-driven data management, serverless approaches, and security by design. All in all, this book is an essential resource that will help you to leverage the power of microservices in your cloud-native applications.

By the end of the book, you will gain valuable insights into building scalable, resilient, and future-proof applications in the era of digital transformation.


  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the key concepts and strategies involved in building successful cloud-native microservices applications.
  • Discover the practical techniques and methodologies for implementing cloud-native microservices.
  • Get insights and best practices for implementing cloud-native microservices.


  • Gain insight into the fundamental principles and frameworks that form the foundation of modern application design.
  • Explore a comprehensive collection of design patterns tailored specifically for microservices architecture.
  • Discover a variety of strategies and patterns to effectively facilitate communication between microservices, ensuring efficient collaboration within the system.
  • Learn about event-driven data management techniques that enable real-time processing and efficient handling of data in a distributed microservices environment.
  • Understand the significance of security-by-design principles and acquire strategies for ensuring the security of microservices architectures.


This book is suitable for cloud architects, developers, and practitioners who are interested in learning about design patterns and strategies for building, testing, and deploying cloud-native microservices. It is also valuable for techno-functional roles, solution experts, pre-sales professionals, and anyone else seeking practical knowledge of cloud-native microservices.

  1. Cloud-Native Microservices
  2. Modern Application Design Principles
  3. Microservice Adoption Framework
  4. Design Patterns for Microservices
  5. Cloud-Powered Microservices
  6. Monolith to Microservices Case Study
  7. Inter-Service Communication
  8. Event-Driven Data Management
  9. The Serverless Approach
  10. Cloud Microservices - Security by Design
  11. Cloud Migration Strategy

Chetan Walia is a senior techno-functional leader and Technology Advisor with over 24 years of experience in Cloud Computing, Digital Transformation, and IT Modernization. He has a proven track record of delivering successful business outcomes through technology innovation, with expertise in Cloud Computing, Digital Transformation, Application Modernization, Telecom Domain, and Financial Planning.

Chetan is an expert in Delivery Management, pre-sales, and client engagement. He has successfully delivered complex Cloud Migration and Digital Transformation programs worth over USD 100 million, and his client portfolio includes Microsoft, AT&T, Amazon Web Services, and more. He is a sought-after speaker, thought leader, and author, with a reputation for grasping the big picture and developing solutions that achieve results.

Chetan has led pre-sales, scoping, and solution-framing sessions and formulated and implemented design principles to strengthen cybersecurity. He has extensive experience in Cloud consulting to build Vision, Strategy, Architecture, and Roadmap.

Chetan's delivery experience includes driving Enterprise Cloud Transformation at Scale, devising and facilitating the biggest Azure Cloud Migration, and establishing Managed Services engagement. He has managed accounts for leading companies in North America, Latin America, and the Asia Pacific regions.

In his personal life, Chetan is a passionate traveler who enjoys exploring the far corners of the world. He is an accomplished photographer with self-published coffee table books based on his own expeditions. He is also passionate about mountains and has experience in high-altitude trekking and mountain-biking.

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