Docker Demystified

Saibal Ghosh

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ISBN: 9789389845877
eISBN: 9789389845884
Authors: Saibal Ghosh
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: September 2020
Pages: 256
Book Type: Paperback

The book starts by introducing Containers and explains how they are different from virtual machines, and why they are the preferred tool for developing applications. You will understand the working of Images, Containers, and their associated Storage and will see how all the moving parts bind together to work synchronously.

The book will then focus on Docker Swarm, the mechanism for orchestrating several running Docker containers. It then delves deeper into Docker Networking.  Towards the end, you will learn how to secure your applications, especially by leveraging the native features of Docker Enterprise Edition.


Build robust and secure applications using the building blocks of Docker

Key Features

  • Understand the fundamentals of Containers.

  • Understand the working of the entire Docker ecosystem. 

  • Learn how to utilize Docker Networking capabilities to its fullest.

  • Learn how to secure Docker Containers.

  • Get familiar and work with Docker Enterprise Edition. 

What Will You Learn 

  • Learn how to use Docker Images.

  • Get to know more about Docker Storage.

  • Learn how to use Volume plugins in Docker services.

  • Learn how to deploy a service to the Swarm.

  • Learn how to manage, scale, and maintain containerized applications.

Who This Book is For

This book is for anyone who is looking to learn Docker. It is also useful for professionals who are looking to build and deploy web apps using Docker.

  1. Introduction to Containerization and Docker
  2. Containers and Images
  3. Storage Drivers and Volumes
  4. The Container Network Model and the Docker Bridge
  5. Docker Swarm
  6. Docker Networking
  7. Docker Security-1
  8. Docker Security-II

Saibal Ghosh has spent a substantial part of his career working with databases. However, in the last few years, he gravitated towards the cloud, cloud security, and newer technologies like Docker and Kubernetes. He has developed a deep understanding of these concepts and technologies bolstered by the insight gained from many years of experience working with applications, databases, storage and infrastructure, and the understanding of how data is stored, moved, and secured.

He currently works as a Principal Architect in Ericsson India Ltd. and spends a substantial amount of time  playing around with Docker and Kubernetes. He holds numerous certifications around applications, databases, cloud, and cloud security and is also a member of Leader’s Excellence, Harvard Square.

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