Cloud Computing Simplified

Surbhi Rastogi

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ISBN: 9789390684359
eISBN: 9789390684403
Authors: Surbhi Rastogi
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: April 2021
Pages: 220
Dimension: 7.50 x 9.25 Inches
Book Type: Paperback

Getting familiar with cloud computing features from scratch to advanced.


  • Detailed coverage on Cloud fundamentals, Cloud Service Models, and deployment models.
  • Easy, detailed, and practical approach to develop skills on working with Cloud Computing.
  • Includes charts, diagrams, and graphical illustrations for better visual learning on complex topics of cloud computing.


Cloud computing is a technology that allows you to store, access data and programs over the internet instead of the hard drive or a server. In this book, you will gain knowledge about the fundamentals of cloud computing. This book includes a detailed description of the features of the cloud, the importance of cloud in today’s era, and uses of cloud computing.

This book provides you with a deep knowledge of the basics of cloud computing. You will learn about the characteristics, architecture, and uses and importance of cloud computing. This book also explores the concept of scalability and redundancy regarding cloud computing. You will learn about the various cloud deployment and service models. You will also gain knowledge of virtualization technology. You will also have a guided tour of concepts related to cloud management, data storage and security, and cloud operations and technologies. At the end of the book, you will learn about the advanced concepts of cloud computing and also learn about mobile cloud computing.


  • In-depth understanding on the fundamentals of cloud computing.
  • Explore the role and importance of cloud computing across businesses and enterprises.
  • Learn about cloud deployment models and service models.
  • Gain knowledge on cloud storage, cloud security, administration of cloud and mobile cloud computing.¬†


This book is open to all graduates, beginners and working professionals to help them understand everything about cloud computing and how to operate in a cloud environment.

  1. Introduction
  2. Architecture and Applications  
  3. Scalability and Redundancy
  4. Cloud Services
  5. Cloud Deployment Models
  6. Virtualization
  7. Management
  8. Data Storage and Security
  9. Operations and Challenges
  10. Technologies and Service Providers
  11. Cloud Cube Model
  12. Mobile Cloud Computing

Surbhi Rastogi¬†is a young, keen learner, and dedicated author who has been writing books for about eleven years. She obtained her MCA degree from Garhwal University and graduated from Kurukshetra University. She has written many books on Computers in English and Hindi¬† which have been used as textbooks in various Universities. Her book ‚ÄėProgramming in Java‚Äô was awarded a prize in technical writing from AICTE.

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