Business Analytics with SAS Studio

Rajinder Kr. Chitoria

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ISBN: 9789391392734
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Authors: Rajinder Kr. Chitoria
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: February2022
Pages: 300
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Book Type: Paperback

Analyzing business data points with greater precision, efficiency, and speed


  • Exposure to work on large datasets, data mining techniques, and SAS built-in functions.
  • Exciting examples and a step-by-step guide to the entire field of business analytics.
  • Additional support of sophisticated SQL queries and the creation of strong visualization reports.


This book teaches readers how to properly use SAS (R) Studio to enhance business analytics summaries and graphical reports to make more informed business decisions. Since the examples in the book are laid out in a logical sequence, no prior knowledge is required to get started with implementing what you learn in them.

The book begins with configuring your SAS® OnDemand instance, complete with sample datasets and scripts. The book explains programming syntaxes before delving into sophisticated programming principles for managing data values and concludes with creating graphical reports for business data values. It explores how to implement datasets, read external files, execute conditional statements, loops, formats, text, date, numeric functions, and arrays. The book also helps writing SQL Statements such as joins, sets, index, views, etc. with Proc SQL, Univariate (PROC MEAN, PROC FREQ), Multivariate (PROC FREQ), and Design Graphs with the help of PROC SGPLOT.

After reading this book, readers will be able to evaluate business data values and create excellent visualizations that will assist enterprises in making more informed business decisions. Readers will become confident to use SAS Studio's rich interface and develop analytical programs.


  • Configuring Online SAS® OnDemand for Academics.
  • Writing  BASE SAS Programming, and writing conditional, looping-based programs.
  • Implementing SAS built-in text, date, numeric functions, and reading external data files.
  • Using the SQL Statement with PROC SQL Processing.
  • Plotting attractive data visualization using  PROC SGPLOT.
  • End-to-end case study on Employee Skill Development’s Data Analytics and Visualization.


This book is for those who wish to learn how to use SAS Studio's rich interface and develop an analytical program that helps make better decisions. Having a basic understanding of how data analytics works helps.

  1. Introducing SAS Environment
  2. Starting with SAS Programming
  3. Data Mining and Storage Techniques in SAS
  4. Controlling the Program Flow in SAS
  5. Using SAS Built-In Functions
  6. Working with Advanced Data Input Techniques
  7. Getting Started with SQL Processing in SAS
  8. Managing Database Tables in SAS
  9. Working with Dataset in SAS
  10. Data Visualization and Macro Programming with SAS
  11. Case Study

Rajinder Kr. Chitoria is the founder and CTO of Froyo Technologies, a leading Business Intelligence Reporting firm delivering Data Analytics solutions since 2017. A technology evangelist with 20+ years of diversified experience in the data handling domain, building critical solutions for Business Analytics and Data Prediction Model. He has worked with NIIT and HCL as a full-time employee.

LinkedIn Profile: Rajinder Kr. Chitoria

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