Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Prabhat Kumar

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ISBN: 9789388511070
eISBN: 9789388511209
Authors: Dr. Prabhat Kumar
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: January 2019
Pages: 298
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Dimension: 23x15x1.5cm
Book Type: Paperback
  1. AI, How it is transforming Life and BusinessĀ 
  2. Understanding AI and Associated TechnologiesĀ 
  3. AI in the ā€˜bullā€™ run
  4. Data, the Engine of AIĀ 
  5. Big tech bets big on AI
  6. AI Startups that transformed Businesses
  7. AI Startups in FinanceĀ 
  8. AI Startups in Healthcare
  9. AI Startups in Human ResourceĀ 
  10. AI Startups in Fashion, Law, Agriculture and Other Areas
  11. Ethical, Social and Political issues in AI
  12. Future of AI
  13. Conclusion

Prabhat Kumar is an adjunct faculty at IIT Delhi, a practicing lawyer and a corporate consultant. He specializes in artificial intelligence, digital technologies, management and Law. He did his B.Tech, M.Tech (systems and management) and Ph.D. from IIT Delhi. He also did LL.B form Delhi University and LL.M. from Singapore. He attended an MBA program in High Technology Management at a Business School in France.

He has more than 75 publications in leading newspapers and journals including the Economic Times, Business Standard, The Hindu-Business Line, HTTTech4U and Gift Journal on diverse topics relating to technology, cyber law, intellectual property law, trade and foreign investment etc. He has been a speaker at many conferences in India and abroad.

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