Ultimate Python Programming

Deepali Srivastava

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ISBN: 9789355516558
eISBN: 9789355516862
Authors: Deepali Srivastava
Rights: Worldwide
Edition: 2024
Pages: 710
Dimension: 7.5*9.5 Inches
Book Type: Paperback

This book provides a comprehensive and thorough introduction to Python, a popular programming language used by various top companies across various domains. Whether you are a novice starting your programming journey or an experienced programmer looking to expand your skill set, this book is designed to assist you in mastering core Python concepts.

Starting with the basics, this book guides you through the setup, basic commands, and key language rules. The book covers important ideas like different types of data, variables, and how to control the flow of your programs. You will also learn about collections for organizing data, functions for reusable code, modules for organizing bigger projects, and object-oriented programming for modeling real-world things. Advanced topics include customizing object behavior, efficient data processing, modifying function behavior, and handling errors gracefully.

The book includes many figures and coding examples to give you a visual and hands-on experience. There are numerous exercises that provide opportunities to further reinforce your knowledge. By the end of this book, readers will develop a strong foundation in core Python and will gain the confidence to excel in their studies and professional work.


  • The concepts in this book are illustrated through numerous short code snippets and more than 650 programming examples.
  • The book contains a comprehensive collection of over 900 end-of-chapter exercises, including both MCQs and programming exercises. The solutions to all the exercises are also available.  
  • The book includes coding conventions and best practices for writing efficient, readable, and maintainable code.


  • Develop programs using procedural, object-oriented, and functional paradigms.
  • Understand complex topics like iterators, generators, and decorators.
  • Learn how to create and use modules and packages.
  • Master the advanced concepts of object-oriented programming.
  • Learn how to handle errors in Python and interact with files.
  • Automate resource management patterns using context managers.


This book can be used by anyone who wants to learn Python from scratch. It can be a valuable resource for engineering students and students from other streams who have Python as part of their curriculum. This book facilitates a swift introduction to the language for individuals aiming to transition into data science, AI, or ML.

1. Introduction to Python
2. Getting Started
3. Strings
4. Lists and Tuples
5. Dictionaries and Sets
6. Conditional Execution
7. Loops
8. Looping Techniques
9. Comprehensions
10. Functions
11. Modules and Packages
12. Namespaces and Scope
13. Files
14. Object Oriented Programming
15. Magic Methods
16. Inheritance and Polymorphism
17. Iterators and Generators
18. Decorators
19. Lambda Expressions and Functional Programming
20. Exception Handling
21. Context Managers

Deepali Srivastava has a Masterʼs degree in Mathematics and is an author and educator in the field of computer science and programming. Her books “C in Depthˮ and “Data Structures Through C in Depthˮ are widely used as reference materials by students, programmers and professionals looking to enhance their understanding of programming languages and data structures. These books are known for their clarity, depth of coverage, and practical approach to learning. In addition to her writing, Deepali Srivastava has been involved in creating online video courses on Data structures and Algorithms, Linux and Python programming. Her books and courses have helped 350,000+ students learn computer science concepts. Her work has been appreciated by students and has been a valuable resource for those looking to build their programming skills.

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