The AI Dilemma

Dr. Cindy Gordon, Malay A. Upadhyay

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ISBN: 9788194837787
eISBN: 9788194837794
Authors: Dr. Cindy Gordon, Malay A. Upadhyay
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: March2021
Pages: 224
Dimension: 7.50 x 9.25 Inches
Book Type: Paperback

Understand the Impact of AI in Industries and Assess Your Organizational AI Readiness


  • Proven real use-cases of AI with its benefits illustrated.
  • Exposure to successful implementation of AI in 8+ sectors.
  • Exclusive coverage for the leadership team to design AI strategy with calculated risks and benefits.


This book brings you cutting-edge coverage on AI and its ability to create a perfect world or a perfect storm across industries. Equipped with numerous real-world use-cases, the book imparts knowledge on innovations with AI and a process to determine your organizational AI readiness. You will gain from ethical considerations, execution strategy and a comprehensive assessment of AI in your sector.

The sectors covered include Healthcare, Education, Media & Telecom, Travel & Transportation, Governance, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Retail, Business Functions (Finance, HR, Law, Marketing & Sales), Offices and Personal Life. Apart from this, you will get acquainted with AI policies in the USA, China, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, India, Russia, OECD and the EU.

This book will assist you in understanding your organization's AI maturity and how to gain competitive advantage in your respective industry by introducing AI in the business culture. By the end of this book, you will get strategic insights on managing risk and advancing the AI mandate in your business practices.


  • Productive & destructive future possibilities with AI.
  • AI's innovations and applications in different sectors.
  • Ethical challenges & strategic considerations with AI.
  • AI policies in some of the major economies.
  • AI governance & maturity assessment for organizations.


This book is helpful for those looking to grasp the current state and future possibilities of AI. This includes business and administrative educators, students and professionals. It is particularly useful for leaders who would like to focus on specific industries, assess their current state with AI and get their organizations to be AI ready.

  1. AI is Everywhere
  2. AI in Healthcare
  3. AI in Education
  4. AI in Transportation & Space
  5. AI in Media & Communication
  6. AI in Government
  7. AI by Countries (US, China, EU, Canada, UK and India)
  8. AI in Businesses & Value Chain
  9. AI at Work
  10. AI at Home & in Personal Life
  11. Getting AI right in organizations

Dr. Cindy Gordon is a Governor General awardee and the CEO and founder of SalesChoice, an AI SaaS company for B2B sales. Winner of numerous awards for AI Disruption, she is a former Venture capitalist, Accenture Partner, Xerox GM and Citibank VP. Dr. Gordon is also the Canada national spokesperson for STEM and women in tech for CATA and the Co-Founder and Chair for AI Directory.

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Malay A. Upadhyay (MBA, M.Sc, B.Engg) is a Duke of Edinburgh awardee and a customer journey executive, experienced across three continents and certified in Machine Learning. As the CXO at SalesChoice, he trained 150+ managers on the basics of AI and its successful adoption. Malay drives the subject of AI Management as a board member, advisor, author, and online instructor.

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