Installation, Upgradation, and Configuration of IBM Cognos Analytics

Alan Bluck

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ISBN: 9789391392031
eISBN: 9789391392116
Authors: Alan Bluck
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: November 2021
Pages: 248
Dimension: 7.5 x 9.25 Inches
Book Type: Paperback

An end-to-end guide for IBM implementation partners and solution providers.


  • Detailed step-by-step IBM Software installation and configuration that saves time for installing and configuring computers.
  • Designed for students, IT consultants, systems and solution architects, data analysts, and developers.
  • Unique solution documentation for running Cognos configuration designed for banks, financial services, and insurance companies.


This book shows how to install IBM Cognos Analytics software and related systems on RedHat Enterprise Linux 8.0, IBM Cloud, IBM Cloud Private (Community Edition), and Windows 10.  It includes step-by-step instructions for downloading and installing IBM Cognos Analytics. It also includes numerous examples of setups and updates to analyze the OLAP database utilized by the IBM Case Manager.

The initial chapters discuss the installation of IBM Information Management Products. The reader will know the URLs of the downloading sites, the product codes, descriptions,  sizes, and the names of each software downloaded to the gzip tar file. It includes setting up RHEL 8.0 Linux OS and using the Docker system for installation on IBM Cloud PAK servers, RedHat Openshift clusters, and IBM Cloud Private. The IBM Cognos installation contains versions 11.1.1 through 11.4.0 on RedHat Linux 8.0 and Windows 10. The book includes the usage of the IBM Cognos Analytics 11.1 R4 Dynamic Cube Datastore and the 11.1 R4 Cube Designer for the report and dashboard. 

Additionally, the book includes constructing the essential Zlib library from the C language source download, its compilation, and linking.


  • Detailed step-by-step instructions for installing IBM Cognos Analytics.
  • Installation on Windows 10, RedHat Enterprise Linux 8.0, IBM Cloud, and IBM Cloud Private (CE).
  • Downloading, compiling, and linking the necessary zlib library on Linux.
  • Connecting to the CASTORE database using an example of Cognos Analytics configuration.
  • Creating OLAP Cubes for IBM Case Manager dashboard reports.


This book is for IT consultants, architects for systems and solutions, data analysts, and data analytics solution developers. All the examples in the book are based on Unix/Windows and web-based tool basic knowledge.

  1. Getting Started with IBM Resources for Cognos
  2. IBM Cloud PAK Systems
  3. RedHat OpenShift 4.x Installations
  4. IBM Cloud Private Cluster systems
  5. IBM Cognos Analytics 11. On RHEL 8.0
  6. IBM Cognos Analytics 11. On Windows 10.0
  7. IBM Cognos Analytics 11 on RHEL 8.0 Linux Fix for Zlib

Alan Bluck He has over 45 years IT experience. He has been a Solutions Architect for IBM for over 10 years. He is now the Director and owner of ASB Software Development Limited, an IBM PartnerWorld partner and a consultancy providing systems architecture for a broad range of services. He is a Member of the British Computer Society (MBCS, CITP).

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