Fundamentals of Soft Computing

Kuntal Barua, Prof. Prasun Chakrabarti

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ISBN: 9789386551566
eISBN: 9789387284777
Authors: Kuntal Barua, Prof. Prasun Chakrabarti
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: January 2017
Pages: 258
Dimension: 23 X 15 X 1.5 cm
Book Type: Paperback

This book is going to be the first well organized book for soft computing, including all the three major constituents or aspect of soft computing (neural networks, fuzzy logic and evolutionary computation), and hopefully will be proved beneficial for both kinds of people; those striving to gain knowledge and those striving to score grades. The book is comprised of each and every topic of soft computing is a vast field of artificial intelligence with very much exploration to real time problems, especially regarding the quench of decision making and automation in the leading AI industries.


Learn an emerging approach to computing and remark the ability of the human mind


  • Comprehensive coverage of various aspects of soft computing concepts.
  • Artificial intelligence, Neurocomputing, Fuzzy logic Evolutionary computation.
  • Simple language, crystal clear approach, straight forward comprehensible presentation.
  • The concepts are duly supported by several examples.
  • Important question papers for every chapter.


  • Neuro-computing, Neural networks
  • The unsupervised networks, fuzzy logic
  • The Evolutionary computation


  • Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Doctoral and Research Scholars
  1. Introduction to Neuro-computing
  2. Training the Neural networks
  3. The unsupervised networks
  4. The fuzzy logic
  5. The Evolutionary computation
  6. Few Auxiliary algorithms

Kuntal Barua accomplished his B.Tech from IMPS college of Engineering and technology, Malda, West Bengal, India in the year 2008. Later on, he procured his M.Tech degree from the university of Kalyani. Having years of teaching experience, published around 30+ research papers in various national and international conferences, including various topics on Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing, Cryptography and Computer Science. He is life-time professional member of many technical societies like: ISTE, CSI, Indian Science Congress etc., Advisior/ Editorial board member of IACSIT, ISOC Global, ISOC kolkata, IAENG-HONG KNOG. At present, he is pursuing Ph.D. and conveying his service as assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at sangam University, Bhilwara, rajasthan, India.

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Prof Prasun Chakrabarti is serving as professor and Head of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur. His research interests include Artificial Intelligence in cancer diagnosis, information security, Computer Networks, Mobile computing. He has 6 books, 133 publications, 15 filed and published Indian patents in his credit.

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