Data Analytics: Principles, Tools, and Practices

Dr. Gaurav Aroraa, Chitra Lele, Dr. Munish Jindal

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ISBN: 9789388511957
eISBN: 9789389845914
Authors: Dr. Gaurav Aroraa, Chitra Lele, Dr. Munish Jindal
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: January2022
Pages: 418
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Book Type: Paperback

A Complete Data Analytics Guide for Learners and Professionals.


  • Learn Big Data, Hadoop Architecture, HBase, Hive and NoSQL Database.
  • Dive into Machine Learning, its tools, and applications.
  • Coverage of applications of Big Data, Data Analysis, and Business Intelligence.


These days critical problem solving related to data and data sciences is in demand. Professionals who can solve real data science problems using data science tools are in demand. The book¬†‚ÄúData Analytics: Principles, Tools, and Practices‚Ä̬†can be considered a handbook or a guide for professionals who want to start their journey in the field of data science.¬†

The journey starts with the introduction of DBMS, RDBMS, NoSQL, and DocumentDB. The book introduces the essentials of data science and the modern ecosystem, including the important steps such as data ingestion, data munging, and visualization. The book covers the different types of analysis, different Hadoop ecosystem tools like Apache Spark, Apache Hive, R, MapReduce, and NoSQL Database. It also includes the different machine learning techniques that are useful for data analytics and how to visualize data with different graphs and charts. The book discusses useful tools and approaches for data analytics, supported by concrete code examples. 

After reading this book, you will be motivated to explore real data analytics and make use of the acquired knowledge on databases, BI/DW, data visualization, Big Data tools, and statistical science.


  • Familiarize yourself with Apache Spark, Apache Hive, R, MapReduce, and NoSQL Database.
  • Learn to manage data warehousing with real time transaction processing.
  • Explore various machine learning techniques that apply to data analytics.
  • Learn how to visualize data using a variety of graphs and charts using real-world examples from the industry.
  • Acquaint yourself with Big Data tools and statistical techniques for machine learning.


IT graduates, data engineers and entry-level professionals who have a basic understanding of the tools and techniques but want to learn more about how they fit into a broader context are encouraged to read this book.

  1. Database Management System
  2. Online Transaction Processing and Data Warehouse
  3. Business Intelligence and its deeper dynamics
  4. Introduction to Data Visualization
  5. Advanced Data Visualization
  6. Introduction to Big Data and Hadoop
  7. Application of Big Data Real Use Cases
  8. Application of Big Data
  9. Introduction to Machine Learning
  10. Advanced Concepts to Machine Learning
  11. Application of Machine Learning

Gaurav Aroraa is a technology enthusiast with a Doctorate in Computer Science. He is a Microsoft MVP award recipient. He is a lifetime member of the Computer Society of India (CSI), an advisory member and a senior mentor at IndiaMentor, certified as a Scrum trainer and coach, ITIL-F certified, and PRINCE-F and PRINCE-P certified. He is an open-source developer and a contributor to the Microsoft TechNet community. He has authored books across-the-technologies, including Microservices by Examples Using .NET Core (BPB).

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Chitra Lele¬†is a young software engineer, software solution architect, record-setting author, award-winning poet, and research scholar. She is a merit-holder and holds degrees in Software Engineering and Computer Management. She runs her software startup firm, Chitra Lele & Associates, which designs software solutions based on Ethically-Aligned Design principles. She is also the founder of ‚ÄėChitra Cares‚Äô, a social transformation initiative dedicated to community building projects.¬† Through her software projects, peace work, academic books, and social transformation initiatives, she strives to contribute to the greater good of the world.

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Dr. Munish Jindal¬†is the CEO of HoverRobotix and the founding President of MENTORx. He has been honored with the highest civilian honor ‚ÄúKarmaveer Chakra‚ÄĚ by United Nations iCongo. He is a Noble Asian. He has completed his MBA and CPA from Australia and Ph.D. from the US. He is a serial entrepreneur, robostronaut, international business consultant, philanthropist, fashion icon, brand ambassador, intellectual speaker, corporate trainer, mentor, startup evangelist, and¬† angel investor. He is the one who launched the concept of Hoverboards, Autobots & Mobility Robots in India and he envisioned to ‚ÄúEducate, Empower, Elevate‚ÄĚ globally. He has been conferred with 500+ awards. He has established multiple Centre of Excellence, Incubators, Accelerators, and EDCs. He is a seasoned professional with experience of almost two decades, providing sustainable living with a futuristic technological vision.

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