CI/CD Pipeline with Docker and Jenkins

Sandeep Rawat

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ISBN: 9789355513502
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Authors: Sandeep Rawat
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: Jan 2023
Pages: 220
Dimension: 7.5*9.25 Inches
Book Type: Paperback

A Practical Guide to Mastering Modern-day Software Development


  • Leverage the power of Docker for faster deployment and migrations.
  • Learn how to create a Continuous Integration pipeline in Jenkins.
  • Get familiar with different types of deployments in Continuous Delivery.


‘CI/CD Pipeline with Docker and Jenkins is the right mix of narrative, concepts, and real-life implementation. The book focuses on the CI/CD maturity journey of a team from a DevOps perspective. 

The book takes you on a CI/CD journey of a project, starting from identifying the challenges faced by the team and how the team uses CI as a first step to overcome the problems. Moving on, the book explains how the team matures via the Jenkins shared library and Dockerization. The later part of the book covers the next journey, where the DevOps team decides to introduce CD to mature the DevOps practices of the project further.  Here, the book explains how the DevOps team learns about the various implementations of CD and applies them via Jenkins. Given that there are multiple technologies to cover, the journey starts from the simplest one and slowly goes on to higher concepts ensuring that you follow the right learning path.

To keep things in perspective, a sample project has been included with the book, and all the concepts of CI/CD are implemented in it. You can work with it, test out different scenarios, and can refer to them for your projects.


  • Design a CI implementation plan in terms of Pre and Post Deployment integration checks.
  • Learn how to run your CI/CD jobs in Docker containers.
  • Understand how CI and CD work together end to end to achieve modern software delivery goals.
  • Design and implement a very comprehensive CI process of any stack on any platform.
  • Assess and identify the CD requirements of a project and architect the right CD solution. 


This book is for current and aspiring tech professionals, students, and anyone who wishes to build a career in DevOps. At the same time, it will also prove essential to existing engineers and project owners looking to streamline their DevOps practices with industry standards, specifically the CI/CD part.


  1. Introduction
  2. Continuous Integration
  3. Introduction to Jenkins
  4. CI with Jenkins
  5. Introduction to Docker
  6. CI with Jenkins and Docker
  7. Continuous Deployment
  8. Continuous Deployment Using Jenkins

Sandeep has 18+ years of extensive experience in application development and creating a DevOps ecosystem with end-to-end automation. He is a firm believer in the evangelism of technology, and also, he believes in giving back to society. He makes a lot of open-source contributions to different problems in the technology world.

He likes to share his knowledge through well-read blogs, well-attended training, and public workshops. He has streamlined DevOps discipline and practices for different organizations.

Currently, Sandeep is running 3 organizations under TechPrimo Solutions. Opstree Solutions is a highly specialized Cloud & DevSecOps engineering company. The Technology Transformation Partner that specializes in making the application delivery lean, nimble and highly productive through the best in breed Cloud (Public, Private/Hybrid) & DevOpSecOps platform implementations, that enable getting to market faster, more securely, and with the ability to maintain the platform much more efficiently. OpsTree Labs the product arm, BuildPiper, a product of OpsTree Solutions, is an end-to-end Kubernetes and Microservices Application Delivery Platform that enables production-grade Microservices management for seamless Day 0, 1 & 2 operations and makes Kubernetes Microservices Application ready! MyGurukulam is a tech - centric upskilling platform aiming to bridge the skill set gap.

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