Business Intelligence Demystified

Anoop Kumar V K

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Authors: Anoop Kumar V K
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Publishing Date: September 2021
Pages: 312
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Clear your doubts about Business Intelligence and start your new journey


  • Includes successful methods and innovative ideas to achieve success with BI.
  • Vendor-neutral, unbiased, and based on experience.
  • Highlights practical challenges in BI journeys.
  • Covers financial aspects along with technical aspects.
  • Showcases multiple BI organization models and the structure of BI teams.


The book demystifies misconceptions and misinformation about BI. It provides clarity to almost everything related to BI in a simplified and unbiased way. 

It covers topics right from the definition of BI, terms used in the BI definition, coinage of BI, details of the different main uses of BI, processes that support the main uses, side benefits, and the level of importance of BI, various types of BI based on various parameters, main phases in the BI journey and the challenges faced in each of the phases in the BI journey. It clarifies myths about self-service BI and real-time BI. The book covers the structure of a typical internal BI team, BI organizational models, and the main roles in BI. It also clarifies the doubts around roles in BI. It explores the different components that add to the cost of BI and explains how to calculate the total cost of the ownership of BI and ROI for BI.  It covers several ideas, including unconventional ideas to achieve BI success and also learn about IBI. It explains the different types of BI architectures, commonly used technologies, tools, and concepts in BI and provides clarity about the boundary of BI w.r.t technologies, tools, and concepts.

The book helps you lay a very strong foundation and provides the right perspective about BI. It enables you to start or restart your journey with BI. 


  • Builds a strong conceptual foundation in BI.
  • Gives the right perspective and clarity on BI uses, challenges, and architectures.
  • Enables you to make the right decisions on the BI structure, organization model, and budget.
  • Explains which type of BI solution is required for your business.
  • Applies successful BI ideas.


This book is a must-read for business managers, BI aspirants, CxOs, and all those who want to drive the business value with data-driven insights.

  1. What is Business Intelligence?
  2. Why do Businesses need BI?
  3. Types of Business Intelligence
  4. Challenges in Business Intelligence
  5. Roles in Business Intelligence
  6. Financials of Business Intelligence
  7. Ideas for Success with BI
  8. Introduction to IBI
  9. BI Architectures
  10. Demystify Tech, Tools, and Concepts in BI

Anoop Kumar V K is a BI professional with over 37K hours of experience in BI. He is the founder and managing director of PublicBI UG and also a freelance BI consultant. He has implemented, led, and managed several end-to-end BI projects across various locations in various industries in various roles using a variety of tools and technologies.

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