Building Decentralized Blockchain applications

Shahid Shaikh

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Authors: Shahid Shaikh
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Publishing Date: January 2021
Pages: 204
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Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that shook the core of the finance world. However, Blockchain is not just about Cryptocurrency.

This book focuses on Blockchain, its features, and the core technologies that are used to build the Blockchain network. In the first section, you will learn about Blockchain in-depth. Then, the book covers the two most popular Cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin and Ethereum. You will learn how these currencies work and how you can build your applications using these currencies. Moving on, you will learn about the decentralized databases. Decentralized databases can be used to build next-generation software applications. You will learn about various databases and how to use them in detail. Lastly, you will learn how the existing decentralized applications work, their architecture, and how they are incorporated into the application for the end-user.


Build decentralized applications using Blockchain’s core technology


  • Explore the engineering mechanism of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Ethereum.
  • Know-how of peer-to-peer networks, IPFS, and decentralised databases.
  • Explore the working of DApps and build your own blockchain app.


  • Learn to build your own P2P network.
  • Cutting-edge coverage on how cryptocurrency works.
  • Learn smart techniques to develop your own DApps on Ethereum platform.
  • Learn to use decentralized databases including OrbitDB.


This book is for anyone who wants to become a Blockchain developer or wants to build an application using Blockchain. Full stack developers, software engineers, web programmers, and beginners who are interested in Blockchain can find this book a true handy guide to begin their career in Blockchain.

  1. Introduction to Blockchain and decentralized network
  2. Ethereum, Smart Contracts and DApps
  3. Interplanetary file system
  4. OrbitDB - Peer to peer distributed database
  5. BigchainDB
  6. TiesDB
  7. BluZelle
  8. Amazon QLDB
  9. OpenBazaar
  10. DTube
  11. Ocean protocol

Shahid Shaikh is a software architect with over 6 years of experience working in emerging technologies. He is also an author and has written three books. He is an active open source contributor. He has expertise in Blockchain, Distributed systems, and Software architecture.

Apart from writing code and authoring books, he is a vintage bike enthusiast and rides his vintage Royal Enfield across various locations. He has keen interest in carbon-free energy generation, space exploration, and electric vehicles.

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