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Written Test Questions In Data Structures By Yashavant Kanetkar, Asang Dani

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Author: Yashavant Kanetkar, Asang Dani


  • Language: English
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: BPB Publications
  • ISBN: 9788183333313
  • Edition: 2010
  • Pages: 592
  • Dimension: 24 X 17.5 X 2.5 cm


As most of you are aware the road to a successful career in software starts a series of written technical tests conducted by most IT companies in india. These companies test your fundamental skills in programming and design in three major areas C programming, Data structure and C++ programming. Most of you may have prepared for that "dream test" without knowing the exact pattern, the level and the difficulty of questions that appear in such tests. As a result you are not able to give your best performance in these tests.

Table Of contents:

Chapter 1 : Analysis Of Algorithms

Chapter 2 : Arrays, Strings and pattern Matching

Chapter 3 : Linked List

Chapter 4 : Sparse Matrices

Chapter 5 : Stacks

Chapter 6 : Queues

Chapter 7 : Trees

Chapter 8 : Graphs

Chapter 9 : Searching Algorithms

Chapter 10 : Sorting Algorithms