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Web Designing and Development Training Guide By Prof. satish jain, Ambrish k. Rai, M. Geetha

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Chapter 1 - It also discusses the basic structure and layout of a Website.
Chapter 2 - Covers Setting up a Websites and its files. It explains how to create a Dreamweaver Site file, set up a local testing server and a remote FTP server for your website.
Chapter 3 - Covers creating Webpage using Front Page. It explains how to create Web page and Website using Wizard.
Chapter 4 - Covers creating a Web page using Dreamweaver. It explains formatting Web page using Cascading Styles Sheets (CSS). It also covers different types of Style Sheets and various CSS properties.
Chapter 5 - Covers adding graphics to a Web page using Dreamweaver. It includes setting image properties, creating rollover images and image maps.
Chapter 6 -Covers Creating Forms in Front Page. It also explains a variety of form fields, to help you collect different types of information from your site visitors.
Chapter 7 - Covers Creating Forms and Frames in Dreamweaver. It is an easy way to collect and organize information from your Websites visitors.
Chapter 8 - Covers Using HTML to create Web pages using HTML tags to display information in a Web browser. It also explains how to set margins, add graphics and tables and to link in different pages in a Web browser.
Chapter 9 - Covers basics of Photoshop. It also explains toolbox and its functions and making selection Techniques in an image.
Chapter 10 covers Flash Animation. It explains Action Script programming language allows creation of interactive animations.

The notable features of this book are :
  • Detail explanation of using FrontPage's wizards enables you to generate a design of Web page.
  • A guide to learning this creative packages namely FrontPage and Dreamweaver.
  • Step-by-Step description of HTML tags.
  • A brief description of using Flash and Photoshop.