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VB.Net Hacks & Pranks By Alexander Klimov

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This study of the VB.NET programming language through hacks and pranks relates to all contemporary versions of the Windows family of operating systems, including Windows 9x, ME, NT, 2000, XP, and Server 2003. Windows GUI, shell, and multimedia and game programming are addressed along with tricks and secrets used in development. Developers are shown how to work with the .NET framework controls, how to build custom controls for Windows and web pages, and how to create their own structures from the building blocks offered by the .NET Framework. Windows paint and draw elements are also explained, as well as how to use the built-in graphics of Windows. Table of Contents   Inroduction   Part I :                         String and Texts  Chapter 1.         String and Texts Chapter 2          Text Games   Part II:             Visual Basic.Net 2003 Graphics Capabilities  Chapter 3.         The Fundamental of the GDI + Interface Chapter 4.         Curves Chapter 5.         Gradient Brushes Chapter 6.         Transformations Chapter 7.         Shapes Chapter 8.         Images   Part III:            Keyboard And Mouse  Chapter 9.         Keyboard Chapter 10.       Mouse    Part IV:           Forms and Controls  Chapter 11        Forms Chapter 12        Controls   Part V:                        Advanced Examples  Chapter 13        Pranks and Practical Jokes Chapter 14        Illusions Chapter 15.       The Sounds of Music Chapter 16.       Programs That Talk Chapter 17        The Laws of Nature Chapter 18        Games Chapter 19        Tricks Chapter 20        Coding the Smart Way                       Conclusion CD –ROM Description Index