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Using Linux Apache MySql PHP Perl On Linux By Ivan Bayross

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Table of Content
-Understanding the L.A.M.P.P. Framework Section 1: Setting Up the L.A.M.P.P. Framework, Setting Up the Red Hat Linux Operaing System, Installing Apache 2.0, Installing MYSQL 4, Installing PHP 4, Testing PHP and MYSQL Set Up, Installing PERL Modules, Testing the PERL and MYSQL Set UP, Section 2: Understanding the MYSQL Database, MYSQL Database, Administration, The MYSQL Control Center [MYSQLCC], Section, Understanding the PHP Language, The Language PHP, Basics in PHP, Conditional Statements and Interactions in PHP, Functions and Arrays in PHP, Working with Web Pages, File handling in PHP, Integrations between PHP4 and MYSQL, Regular Expression in PHP4, Section 4: Understanding the PERL Language, Common Gateway Interface Concepts, The Perl Language, Performing Operations and Controlling Programming Flow, Perl Functions Filehandling, Regular Expressions, Creating Structured Programs, Going the Object Way With PERL, Using MYSQL With the PERL DBI Interface Section 5: Project in PHP and PERL, Project Specification for Web Site Development, Project Processing Using? PERL OR PHP, Section 6: Installation of Fedora Core 1, Setting up the Fedora Core Operating System