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USB Mass Storage By Jan Axelson

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Add mass storage to your designs and access storage media from any PC or other USB host. Jan Axelson, author of the bestselling USB Complete provides everything you need to create devices that store data and support USB's mass-storage class.   Mass storage devices can store information for just about any purpose. Devices can store sensor readings, configuration data, images, user input, or other data a device receives or produces. Even small systems can use flash memory and had drives as convenient, inexpensive storage media.   Add a USB device controller and the device can exchange information with any PC or other USB host computer. Add a USB host controlled and the device can store information in off-the-shelf USB DIVES.   You'll learn how to: Select storage media and a USB controller for your project. Use industry-standard SCSI commands to transfer data via USB Access flash-memory cards using just four port pins. Support a file system to enable any computer to access information in the storage media. Avoid common mistakes in designing and programming mass-storage devices Plus example code, real-world tips and much more Contents     Mass Storage Basics Supporting USB The USB Mss Storage Class Accessing Flash memory Cards Multimedia Card Protocol SCSI Commands Media Structure FAT File Systems Directories File Operations Embedded hosts  Index