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SQL, PL/SQL The Programming Language Of Oracle - 4th Revised Edition By Ivan Bayross

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An excellent guide for those looking to learn the fundamentals of SQL and PL/SQL using the Oracle software, SQL, PL/SQL: The Programming Language Of Oracle (With CD-ROM) was published in 2010 by BPB Publications. Summary Of The Book Oracle’s Workgroup is the world’s largest selling relational database management system (RDBMS). Delving into both, the basics as well as the advanced details of the SQL and PL/SQL programming language, this informative text can help one become a competent and efficient Oracle application programmer or developer (DBA). This book was written keeping in mind the requirements of programmers, and the need to have a handy reference book. Containing extensive examples and practise exercises, SQL, PL/SQL: The Programming Language Of Oracle (With CD-ROM) has been divided into five sections. The first section is dedicated to the setting up of Oracle 9.1 and offers a step-wise guide to installing and implementing it on a Windows platform. The next section discusses how to set up a business model and delves into Retail Banking and project planning. The third section, Structured Query Language (SQL) provides helpful exercises to learn the SQL syntax. The next section is dedicated to Advance SQL, providing information on cluster indexes, security management and simple SQL performance tuning. The last section is devoted to an introduction to PL/ SQL, security and database objects. The appendix provided before the culmination of the book provides the meanings of different Oracle terms. The complimentary CD-ROM that accompanies this text contains codes as well as answers to the various exercises provided in the book. A source of comprehension and grounding for budding programmers and developers, SQL, PL/SQL: The Programming Language Of Oracle (With CD-ROM) is a must-have to understand the languages used in Oracle. About Ivan Bayross Ivan Bayross is an Indian author, programmer and software developer. He has authored Mastering Database Technology, Using MySQL on Linux, Java Server Programming For Professionals, Database Concepts And Systems For Students, Web Enabled Commercial Application Development Using Java 2.0 and Commercial Application Development Using Oracle Developer 2000. Bayross procured his Master’s degree in Technology from Manchester University in the UK. He has over thirty years of experience in the software industry, and is currently the Chairman of a leading software development house in Mumbai.