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Software Engineering Process Models By Deepak Jain

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Description:   This book has been produced with a focus of providing the readers a fair exposure of traditional and latest software processes and their inherent activities. The inhand bound stuff describes common complexitities in the software development.   Software Engineering Process Models: A Questionnaire Approach will enable you to    Understand the standard definitions, importance and applications of software engineering and different people involved in it.  Compare the properties of software with those of hardware and difference in their development, management and control   processes,.  Understand different activities and focuses of software development process and its work product at different steps  Get familiar with different traditional and modern software development process models in practice and their inherent   complexities.  Compare and understand difference in focus and areas of applicability of different process models  Understand the measurement and importance of process maturity in development.   Contents   Introduction to Software and Software Engineering   Chapters   Section 1 Introduction The Software Section 2   Software Process Software Process Models Reference