Scratch Programming for Logic building

Scratch Programming for Logic building

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Author: Kamal Rawat

Book Title Scratch Programming for Logic building
Date Published Sep 28, 2018

Author: Kamal Rawat

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 A good programmer first solves the problem logically without getting into the

specific syntax of any programming language. Once the logic is formed, he converts

it to the code of a programming language.

This is where Scratch programming is useful. It removes the difficult syntax of

popular programming languages like Java, or C++ and let the developer focus on

pure logic building. The Scratch platform is very easy to use and the simplicity of

this platform does not mean that it is any less in features. Almost all the structures

of a high-level programming language are also available in Scratch. In fact, some

advanced computer science concepts like Multithreading and event-handling can

be explained and demonstrated very easily using Scratch. I call it a complete logic-building


This book shows how Scratch platform can be useful in not just getting started on

programming but also in brain development and logic building. School students

can use it as a logic-building tool, college going students interested in learning

software developers can use it as their first programming language to start with,

researchers can use it to develop some proof of concept really fast, school teachers

can use it to create interesting educational aids, college professors can use it to

teach computer science concepts to their students in a very fun and easy way.

The more I use scratch, the more I am convinced about its usage in diverse fields.

This book covers the entire Scratch programming with a lot of examples from

different areas. It should not just make you informed about the blocks of