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Practical Transformer Design Handbook By Eric Lowdon

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Would you like to be able to design and construct a transformer to meet your own specifications? It\'s not as difficult as it looks and this book will teach you how to do just that.and The book begins with a two-chapter review of fundamental electricity and magnetism and the algebra needed for understanding transformer theory. The properties of transformers are then introduced and the two basic transformer design equations are discussed thoroughly. The important subject of power losses is discussed next, while a chapter is devoted to both the core and windows. Moving from general design considerations to transformer types, the book covers inductors and power, current and impedance transforms. Also treated are transformers as used in converter, inverter and rectifier circuits finally , practical matters, such as transformer construction with salvaged parts, transformers selected off the shelf and checks and tests which can be made on the completed transformer are dealt with.and Written in an easy-to-understand manner, this profusely illustrated book will be useful not only to the experimenter who wants to construct a transformer but to anyone wishing to gain a deeper and more concrete understanding of transformers.
Contents :
Chapter 1: Symbols, Abbreviations and other Reference
Chapter 2: Elementary Electromagnetic
Chapter 3: Properties of Transformers
Chapter 4: Losses
Chapter 5:The Core
Chapter 6:The Windows
Chapter 7: Summarized Data and General Design Considerations
Chapter 8: Power Transformers
Chapter 9: Designing for Rectifiers
Chapter 10:Transformers in Converters and Inverters
Chapter 11:Inductors
Chapter 12:The Impedance Transformer
Chapter 13:The Current Transformer
Chapter 14:Salvage, Construction and Sources
Chapter 15:Transformers Off the Shelf
Chapter 16:Tests and Measurements