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PMP EXAM Study Guide....21 Days Plan to Pass PMP by Kavita Sharma

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# Storyline – to help you with concept
# Study capsules with Quizzes’
# More Than 700 Questions
# Full Length Mock Test

1. Correlate the concepts in a Project Manager’s Life.
Give example which Project Manager can relate to, theory is available at all places but how to use the concept or a tool – that should be a takeaway.

2. Keep it simple.
Introduce the concept, make it easy to learn, if a person wants more details about the concepts there is always Google search and Wikipedia 

3. Repeat important concepts.
Repetition makes people learn, you need to repeat the concepts, in order for people to learn effectively.

4. Let the reader exercise their mind.
The concepts once introduced are not repeated by repeating explanation, rather there are questions, which are asked for the reader to recall and apply them.

5. The main reference guide will always be PMBOK.
This book will not replace PMBOK but will help understand and map PMBOK concepts with real world projects.


A person who is eligible for PMP and is in process of preparing for PMP examination is an ideal candidate to read this book
The book assumes that you have undergone/ undergoing 35 PDU sessions.
The book can be used as a workbook along with the sessions

If you are new manager then this book may not be relevant as while writing the book, lot of concepts examples assumes that you have been practicing project management from last 3 years or so ( PMP eligibility criteria)

• Introduction
• The Project Management Framework
• Project Management Process
• Integration Management
• Project Scope Management
• Project Time Management
• Project Cost Management
• Project Quality Management
• Project Human Resource Management
• Project Communication Management
• Project Risk Management
• Project Procurement Management
• Project Stakeholder Management
• Time Pass
• Full Length Mock test
• PMP Mathematics Reference Guide
• Days Plan

About Kavita Sharma

Reviewer – PMBOK 6
Dynamic, results-oriented leader with a strong performance track record in high-paced organizations having a wealth of experience in Complex Delivery management, People management, Account management, and Solution Sales.

Kavita Sharma is associated with PMI, India and lately, has been focused on evangelizing project management for the novice as well as seasoned project managers. She has been an avid supporter of promoting Project Management curriculum in Colleges of Higher Education across India.

She has been working with various organizations to drive implementation of best practices in Project Management, standardizing and measuring processes effectiveness and scale up leadership quotient in people.

In her career span, Kavita worked with Microsoft, Tech Mahindra, Satyam, and Sapient. She led many complex programs in telecom, e-commerce, e-Learning and systems domain for many esteemed global clients.

Charismatic, "go to person," warm, responsible, dependable and aggressive are few adjective by which her team, peers, superiors and customers refer her.