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Photoshop CS5 Made Simple By Prof. Satish Jain, Dr. Shalini Jain, M.Geetha Iyer

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The book begins with the basics of Photoshop inandChapter 1 & Chapter 2 explains how to control image size and resolution as you work in image, specifying colors using one of the color models.andChapter 3 covers selection of part or full image using selection tools. It include Content-Aware fill to remove object from an image.andChapter 4 deals with painting and drawing tools. It also includes Mixer Brush and Bristle brush painting tools. You can draw different shapes, lines, rectangle, ellipses, etc and fill them with different coloursandChapter 5 covers retouching and transforming tools to enable us to change or edit pixels arrangements and changing the orientation of a selection in many ways. It include Puppet warp tool brings intelligent transformation to Photoshop CS5.andChapter 6 & 7 deal with Layers and Filters respectively.andChapter 8 explains working with Type tools and describes letters, numbers and symbols of different typefaces.andChapter 9 deals with channels, masks, grayscale images and how to merge into a single colour image. It also explains Action commands that can be played back on a single file.andChapter 10 describes printing image in full colour using colour management options. andFeatures-andandandandandandDetailed explanation of basic tools and palette Interface of Photoshop CS5-andandandandandandStep-by-Step description of various menu commands-andandandandandandDifferent types if Selection tools one can use to get a nice clean edge-andandandandandandUse of the Web Photo gallery features to quickly turn a set of images into an interactive website.