Parametric Solid Modeling projects

Parametric Solid Modeling projects

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Isbn- 9789388176484

Book Title Parametric Solid Modeling projects
Type Book
Date Published Oct 10, 2018

Isbn- 9789388176484

Pages- 226

Author- Prof Sham Tickoo


The Parameter Solid Modeling Projects  is a parametric modeling book written to help users learn and design

real-world models. Structured in pedagogical sequence, the book contains real-world engineering projects that

begin with simple part assemblies and gradually progress toward complex industrial models.

After completing this book, the students will be able to design real-world/industrial projects with ease. Additionally,

they will be able to design all components, develop assemblies, and generate the 2D drawings of the parts and

assemblies along with Bill of material.

The main features of the book are as follows:

�􀃊Project Based Approach

The author has adopted a project-based approach to explain various real-world Mechanical Engineering

Drawings. Moreover, each project contains drawings of its parts created as per the industrial standards.

This enables the users to understand the concepts of drafting and modeling of the industrial components.

�􀃊Real-world Mechanical Engineering Projects

The author has used 14 different project assemblies as real-world projects. The projects have been divided

into more than 250 parts, 14 assemblies and 200 drawings to help the users understand the concepts of

real-world engineering projects. After reading this book, users will be able to create different projects using

drafting standards with ease.

�􀃊Technical Support

You can get online technical support by contacting

The following points need to be taken care of while creating different projects:

a) ANSI standard should be followed as the drafting standard.

b) Standard parts like Nuts, Bolts, Gears, Bearing etc can also be taken from the toolbox available in any CAD


Accessing Electronic Files

If you want to order the electronic files of the projects contained in this book, please contact us at

�􀃊Online Tutoring Service for the Projects

The team at CADCIM Technologies utilizes the latest enhancements in technology and Internet to offer online

tutoring services, thus turning the concept of virtual teaching into reality. We provide effective and affordable

online step by step tutoring on various projects in the Parametric Solid Modeling Projects book. The time and

cost for tutoring services will depend upon the size of the project.

Hardware/Software Requirements for Online Tutoring Services