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Operating Systems Incorporating - 3rd Edition By Colin Ritchie

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This book provides the practical course text to the operating systems elements required by tehe majority of degree and HND courses in Computing. It uses a sa basis the familiar operating systems of UNIX, MSDOS andWindows . The emphasis in the book is on installing the theoretical concepts by showing their practical application in actual operating systems.This book bridges the gap between detailed texts written for systems.   Table of Contents   Preface 1 Background 2 Basics 3 User Interface 4 Process Management 5 Memory management 1 6 Memory management 2 7 Memory management 3 8 InputOutput 9 File management 1 10 File Management 2 11 Concurrent processes 1 12 Concurrent processes 2 13 Networks and distributed systems 14 Security Appendix A  Introduction to the UNIX Shell Appendix B  Summary of MSDOS commands Answers to review questions Answers to selected test questions Web references Bibliography Index