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Question & Answer- System Software Diagnostic & Debugging Tools By Prof. Satish Jain

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(According to DOEACC Syllabus for CHM04 and  CHM04 O Papers)   This book includes the Question and Answer covering complete syllabus of CHM04 and CHM04RO papers of "System Software, Diagnostic & Debugging Tools" course prescribed by DOEACC. The book covers objective as well as descriptive questions on the pattern of question papers set in the past examinations. It gives answers  to different types of questions related to Operating System Software, Diagnostic and Various Debugging Tools. Fou sample question papers with answers are given that cover the entire syllabus of CHM04 examination. The book will also be helpful for answering questions asked in B.E. (Comp. Science) and MCA examinations conducted by Universalities and Technical Colleges in India and abroad.   Features Basic of Operating System Installation and Administration of Windows 2003 and Linux OS Taking Care of System Health & Debugging Windows Based Backup Procedures & Disaster Prevention Installation of Network, Connectivity and Peripheral Configuration Antivirus Software and their Installation Introduction to Scripting Languages Contents Sample Question paper 1 to 4    Answers to Objective Questions    Answers to Descriptive Questions