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System Software, Diagnostic & Debugging Tools By Prof. Satish Jain, Vineeta Pillai, Ambrish Kumar Rai

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This book presents a detailed discussion on basics of Windows 2003/XP and Linux, their installation, administration, back-up procedures and disaster prevention techniques. Computer viruses, their systems and installation of anti-virus software packages etc. are discussed using practical examples from real life situations. An introduction to internet and configuring a computer system to access internet and e-mails are also given in this book in simple and easy to understand manner.andThis book also provides steps to configure windows 2003/XP and Linux Operating systems in Client-Server mode.


All the chapters in this book are written in simple English. Different operating systems installation and their administration are explained from user\'s perspective.Scripting Languages and their usages are covered in layman\'s language. A comprehensive index is included for fast and easy access to all the topics in the book and reducing the reader\'s valuable time in searching for a topic.Set of Sample papers are given at the end of the book.


Chapter 1: Basic of Operating System

Chapter 2: installation and Administration of Windows 2003 and Linux OS

Chapter 3: Taking Care of System Health & Debugging

Chapter 4 : Windows Based Back-up Procedures & Disaster Prevention

Chapter 6: Introduction to Internet, Connectivity and Peripherals Configuration

Chapter 7: Antivirus software and their installation

Chapter 8: Introduction to Scripting Languages