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PC Architecture-2nd Revised & Updated Edition By Prof. Satish Jain, Shashi Singh

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(A Complete Text Book as per DOEACC Syllabus for CHM-02 and CHM A2-RO Papers)   Description: This book presents a detailed discussion on Microprocessors and Microcomputers.   Different Pentium class of processors are explained in simple language with technical details.   The Motherboard, illustrating various pats and architecture are given in detail.   Different types of displays including colour monitors are explained in easy to understand manner.   Drive Systems, basic functioning, interfacing and installation as discussed in a manner that layman can understand such a complex technology.   Features: Subject matter is explained in simple English and using large number of diagrams. A comprehensive glossary is added for easy access to numerous terms needed for understanding the subject matter. A index is included for fast and easy access to all the topics in the book and for reducing the reader's valuable time in searching for a topic. Sample papers are given at the end of the book Contents Introduction to Microprocessors/Microcomputers Pentium class of Processors PC/AT Motherboards Buses and Ports Display Cards and Monitors Drive Systems Preventive and Breakdown Maintenance