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Application Of .NET Technology, Module- 4.1-R4 By Prof. Satish Jain, Shashi Singh, Ambrish Rai, M. Geetha

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Authors: Prof. Satish Jain, Shashi Singh, Ambrish Rai, M. Geetha


  • Language: English
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: BPB Publications
  • ISBN: 9788183333450
  • Edition: 2014
  • Pages: 326
  • Dimension: 27 X 22 X 1.5 cm


This book covers and entire syllabus for M4.1-R4 namely, and Application of .NET Technology in clear and simple style. This book presents a detailed discussion onand.NET Framework, C# basics and advanced features, as well as ASP .NET for Web Applications. In addition, it elucidates basic and advanced programming techniques using Visual Basic .NET. These are explained in simple English with many screens and examples. Features Set of review questions with answers are added at the end of each chapter to help students to have a feel of the type of questions likely to be asked in the examination. Solved and review questions and containing objective as well as descriptive questions are added at the end of each chapter so that the readers can evaluate their progress by comparing their answers with the answers that are given in the book Comprehensive glossary of technical terms and index are added for easy access to numerous terms needed for understanding the subject matter and finding answers to objective type of questions.


Chapter 1: The .NET Framework

Chapter 2: C# Basics

Chapter 3: C# Using Librariesand

Chapter 4: Advanced Features Using C#

Chapter 5: ASP .NET 2.0

Chapter 6: Introduction to Programming with Visual Basic .NET

Chapter 7: File and Database Applications

Chapter 8: Advanced Programming Constructs

Chapter 9: .NET Architecture and Advanced Tools Glossary Index Specimen Answer sheet for Objective Questions.