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Nanotechnology A future Technology with Visions By Appin Labs

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Description: Nano Technology is all about re-arranging atoms whichever way we want. It is the Science of manipulating atoms and molecules to fabricate materials, devices and systems. Unlike current production methods, in which existing parts and components are combined, Nano Technology takes atoms and precisely assembles them to produce items with desirable characteristics. Nanotechnology is bound to impact diverse field like transportation, computers, energy storage. Chemical synthesis, MEMS, Electronic devices and many more. This technology has already found a lace in various works of fiction, like the T-X (Terminatix) in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. If all this has got your heart beating faster, what ate you waiting for. Just get ready to venture into the small world of atoms.   Table of Contents Chapter  1: Introduction Chapter  2: Primer on Manufacturing Processes Self Assembly Chapter  3: MEMS and NEMS Chapter  4: Surface Analytical Instrumentation Techniques for Nanotechnology Chapter  5: Nano Computers Chapter  6: Carbon Nanotubes Chapter  7: Fuel Cells and Nanotechnology Chapter  8: Nanotechnology and Medicine (Nano-Bio) Chapter  9: Nano Electronics Chapter 10: Nano Diamond Chapter 11: Ethical Issues, Limits and Downsides Chapter 12: The Future and Latest in Nanotechnology   Appendix   A: Nanotechnology to produce Deletum 3000TM Hih-Performance Anti-Graffiti Coatings Appendix   B: Imaging and Analysis Software Probe Appendix   C: FAQ Appendix   D: Image Gallery: Fullerenes Glossary