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Moving From Windows To Linux By Ivan Bayross

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Section 1 –Setting Up the Framework ,Chapter 1 : Why Switch over to Linux, Chapter 2 : Setting up the Fedora Core Operating System, Chapter 3: Setting up SUSE, Section 2 –Getting Started, Chapter 4 : Understanding the Linux OS, Chapter 5 : Configuring the Linux OS, Chapter 6 : Linux Commands, Chapter 7 : Dial –Up Connectivity, Sector 3 – Working on a Linux Box, Chapter 8 : Using Open Office, Chapter 9 : Installing the Command Window, Chapter10: Understanding the Command Window, Chapter 11: RedHat Package Manager(RPM), Chapter 12:Setting up and Using VNC, Sector 4 –Programming Under Linux, Chapter 13: SMB Server Implementation –Samba, Chapter 14: Using the Linux Compliler GNU CC, Chapter 15: Installing Apachie 2.0, Chapter 16: Setting up and Using MYSQL, Chapter 17:PHP Basic Programming Concepts, Chapter 18: Perl Basic Programming Concepts, Chapter 19:Setting Up AND Using Java, Chapter 20:GAMBAS Basic Programming Concepts, Chapter 21:Using Quanta Plus on Linux, Sector 5 –Advance Topics, Chapter 22:Accessing Data from Windows on Linux,Chapter 23:Disk Partitioning Fundamentals,  Chapter 24:Installing /Using Multiple Linux Distributors on a Single Machine