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Modern Computer Hardware Series - Computer Storage Device by Manahar Lotia

Rs. 135.00

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Computer & Storage devices
Chapter 2: Magnetic Recording
Chapter 3: Hard Disk Drive
Chapter 4: Hard Disk Drive features
Chapter 5: Hard Disk Drive Interfacing
Chapter 6: Logical working of Hard Disk Drive
Chapter 7: Hard Disk controller
Chapter 8: Installing Upgrading HDD-Hardware  
Chapter 9: Installing Upgrading HDD-Software
Chapter 10: Troubleshooting HDD-Software
Chapter 11: Troubleshooting HDD-Hardware
Chapter 12: Floppy Disk Drive (FDD)
Chapter 13: Floppy Disk
Chapter 14: Physical working of floppy disk drive
Chapter 15: Floppy Disk Drive upgrade
Chapter 16: Floppy Disk Drive Troubleshooting
Chapter 17: Floppy Disk Care
Chapter 18: CD-ROM / DVD Drive
Chapter 19: Pen Drive/Thumb Drive/Memory cards
Chapter 20: Windows XP/98 Setup/Installations
Chapter 21: Dos Commands
Chapter 22: DBS/DBR and MBR
Chapter 23: Computer Virus
Chapter 24: Pin Configuration