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Model Test Papers-O Level-Application of .NET Technology By Prof. Satish jain and Ritika Wason

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These papers help the students appearing in the examination in the following ways:

(a) The test papers cover almost entire syllabus prescribed for the particular module. Hence, the examinee who prepares for the future examination can be rest assured that he/she has not left no thing for guess work.

(b) These test papers are in two formats namely solved sample papers ad unsolved sample papers. Solved sample papers enable the student to compare his/her answers with the answers given in the book. This will enable the student to attain confidence by the time he/she goes to the last i.e. fifth solved paper. After that, the unsolved sample papers will be attempted with ease by the reader. Moreover, the unsolved sample papers do contain the answers for the part `A’ questions namely, multiple choice questions. These additional five unsolved sample papers will further improve self confidence ad capability to appear in DOEACC examination.

(c) Students learn the method to write the answer by reading these test papers. This will enable them to score higher percentage of marks.