Let Us C solutions 16 th edition

Let Us C solutions 16 th edition

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Pages- 394

Book Title Let Us C solutions 16 th edition
Type Book
Date Published Sep 11, 2018

Pages- 394

Isbn- 9789388176248


The first requests for a book like ‘Let Us C Solutions’ started

coming when the third edition of Let Us C was released. I

answered them by writing this book. Since then I have met so

many readers who said that every new edition of Let Us C should

be accompanied with two books—a new edition of ‘Let Us C

Solutions’ and a new edition of ‘Let Us C Workbook’. I decided to

accede to this request and from fifth edition onwards started

releasing all these three books simultaneously.

The success of last ten editions of this book has validated my

belief that if you have a book which lets a reader cross-check the

solutions/programs that he creates, then it boosts his confidence

and improves the overall language learning process.

Through all the editions of this book one person who never got

tired of helping me was Manish Jain of BPB. No matter what

request I made, he always acceded to it.

Amol Tambat, Ajay Daga, Prachi Garaye, Amit Mendhe, Vikrant

Sahoo, Shoeb Parvez and Monali Nikhare were instrumental in

checking all the solutions of several editions of this book. Many

thanks to all of them! I have reorganized and rationalized exercises

of Let Us C 16th edition. The solutions to all these exercises have

been included in this edition of Let Us C Solutions.