Learn MS Excel 2002 VBA Programming With XML and ASP By Julitta Korol

Learn MS Excel 2002 VBA Programming With XML and ASP By Julitta Korol

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Author: Julitta Korol

Book Title Learn MS Excel 2002 VBA Programming With XML and ASP By Julitta Korol
Type Book
Date Published Sep 29, 2017

Author: Julitta Korol


  • Language: English
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: BPB Publications
  • ISBN: 9788176567824
  • Edition: 2003
  • Pages: 716
  • Dimension: 21.5 X 15.5 X 3 cm


Designed to provide non-developers with a hands-on guide to Excel Visual Basic for Applications, this book gives users a wide range of VBA coverage, along with an introduction to the Extensible Markup Language and Active Server Pages technologies.

  • Quickly learn how to program by utilizing the built-in macro recorder.
  • Add decision-making and repetition to your procedures.
  • Control other applications from within Excel through Automation.
  • Create and customize user forms, menus, and toolbars.
  • Learn how to handle errors and debug your programs by using built-in debugging tools.
  • Perform Access tasks from within Excel.
  • Discover how to put Excel data on a web page and retrieve data from the web into an Excel worksheet.
  • Work with Excel spreadsheets saved in XML format.
  • Program special features such as the Microsoft Office XP PivotTable and PivotChart web components.
  • Learn how to use a number of objects from the Excel 2002 and Office XP Object Models.

Table Of Applications:

Chapter 1 : Introduction to Spreadsheet Automation

Chapter 2 : First Steps in Visual Basic for Applications

Chapter 3 : Understanding Variables, Data types, and Constants

Chapter 4 : VBA Procedures: Subroutines and Functions

Chapter 5 : Decision Making with VBA

Chapter 6 : Repeating Actions in VBA

Chapter 7 : Managing Lists and Tables of Data with VBA

Chapter 8 : Manipulating Files and Folders with VBA

Chapter 9 : Controlling Other Applications with VBA

Chapter 10 : Dialog Boxes and Custom Forms

Chapter 11 : Custom Collections and Class Modules

Chapter 12 : Creating Custom Menus and Toolbars with VBA

Chapter 13 : Debugging VBA Procedures and Handling Errors

Chapter 14 : Event Programming in Excel 2002

Chapter 15 : Using Excel with Access

Chapter 16 : Excel and the Internet

Chapter 17 : XML and Excel 2002