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Introduction to Unix and C Programming By D.S.Kushwaha and R.S.Kushwaha

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The first part of the book UNIX and C programming is hands-on Theoretical as well as Practical guide may be used as master UNIX and C. This book begins by discussing the history and culture of UNIX and beginning to use a UNIX System and UNIX System administration. The book also focuses on the advanced C concepts and Introduction of Socket Programming. The book provides multiple numbers of simple examples, commands and output. The book covers entire syllabus of the subject for B.Tech. and MCA of U.P. Technical University.       Table of Contents   PART I Unix Operating System   Chapter 1 History   Chapter 2 UNIX Structure   Chapter 3 Getting Started   Chapter 4 System Resources   Chapter 5 Shell   Chapter 6 Features Of Unix   Chapter 7 Text Processing Commands   Chapter 8 Few Other Useful Commands   Chapter 9 Shell Programming   Chapter 10 Editors   Chapter 11 UNIX Commands   Chapter 12 System Development Tools   Chapter 13 System Administration   PART II UNIX Operating System   Chapter 14 Introduction   Chapter 15 Portability With 'C'   Chapter 16 Inter Process Communication   Chapter 17 Data Security And Permission   Chapter 18 Processes   Chapter 19 Introduction To Socket Programming   Chapter 20 C Programmes