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Guide to Digital Electronics and Devices By Prof. Satish jain

Rs. 89.00

This book includes the Questions and Answers most likely to be and asked in the MCA course.It has 11 chapters and each chapter contains important questions with and answers.

Table of Contents :

Chapter 1 : Number system,

Chapter 2 : Karnaugh mapping,

Chapter 3 : Digital Comparators,

Chapter 4 : Boolean Expressions and digital signals,

Chapter 5 : Flip-Flop circuits,

Chapter 6 : Register and counters,

Chapter 7 : A/D and D/A convertors

Chapter 8 :Semiconductor Memories

Chapter 9 :OP-AMP And Schmitt Trigger Circuits

Chapter 10 :Microprocessor and CPU

Chapter 11 :Special Solid State Devices